How to Block Advertisements Using Plugin


There are a couple of add-ons or plugins that block advertisements. I already used a couple of those plugins that block advertisements. However, there’s one plugin that has been the most effective compared to all add-ons or plugins for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge. I have only tried using it in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. It is uBlock Origin.

How to Block AdvertisementsuBlock Origin is free and open-source. It is actively developed and maintained by the founder itself. It also uses less resources compared to other add-ons or plugins which has the same functionality.

uBlock Origin does only work on desktop and does not work on mobile phones (iOS and Android).

If you use uBlock Origin, you are one step closer to having a more secure browsing experience as it blocks most of the malicious websites. It also blocks annoying pop-ups which are most of the time not safe.

Install uBlock Origin to block advertisements.

Block Advertisements Using Plugin

For Google Chrome, open this link uBlock Origin using your Google Chrome browser. Then, click the Add to Chrome button.

For Mozilla Firefox, open this link uBlock Origin using your Mozilla Firebox browser. Then, click the Add to Firefox button.

For Microsoft Edge, you can use any browsers and open this link uBlock Origin. Then, click the Get button. This should open the Microsoft Store. Once the Microsoft Store is opened, click on Get button.

For other browsers not stated above, you can go to uBlock Origin’s for more information at You will see the list of browsers supported from this website.

That’s it! That’s how to block advertisements using plugin.


We know that web sites now are overrun by advertisements. Ads are not necessarily bad but there are some advertisements that can really slow your browser which affects your browsing experience. It is better to install uBlock Origin so you can control which advertisements you want to show or block.

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